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We present to your attention a system in which you manage your own franchise with its own customer base and any number of departments in it that can be located anywhere in the world.

The system is ideal for business owners who are based on taking into account the time of finding a client in the premises of your business.
The system calculates the hourly rent of a place in your institution, taking into account the minutes for each client. With the possible tariffing at once at the entrance of the client, the first hour of the location, the second and so on. For each client's stay, you can set your own tariffs yourself, as well as the amount that will not be exceeded for visiting. You can only set a fixed amount that the client pays one time per visit. And that's great!
Ideal for:
  • Coworking centers
  • Anticafe

Suitable for:
  • Rental of premises
  • Children's entertainment centers
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions
  • Hourly parking
  • Disco

Everything is connected with the possibility of temporary rent-a place, visiting your business..


Responsive design

Responsive design

Web application is adaptive and designed for any kind of screen - mobile, tablet or widescreen with touch-control capability, in any modern browser. You can always quickly change the desired settings in the configuration while away



As a franchise owner, you can choose which languages ​​will be used in each department, in letters to the client, additional screens (self-registration and self-checkout) and so on. We expand the list of supported languages ​​by request



You just need to choose your country or region in it from the list to automatically set up the time zone, date format, time format, first day of the week, taxes, currency, settlement notes. If necessary, we will change all these data according to your requirement



By purchasing a package of services for a specific period, you acquire the use of a block of modules you need for the entire franchise. You can independently enable or disable purchased modules in different departments, depending on the need for them there and to minimize management

Role management

Role management

You create your own staff, with the ability to manage access to them in the department, the entire franchise. Upon request, we add new roles, for example - a merchandiser, a senior employee with access to other modules of your package or disabling them for a particular role



The privacy and security of your customers' data is monitored by our server programmers. Data is stored in encrypted form. Moreover, access to the data of your customers is provided to our employee only for support upon your request




You own a franchise that consists of departments. The franchise has a common customer database for all departments. It is convenient, your customers traveling around the world will be met in any department of your franchise as regular visitors with previous merits, taking into account previous visits to which you can set up discounts.


Make up a franchise. Each your department can have its own settings: its own logo, its own tariffs, currency, discounts, languages, regional time, and taxes corresponding to a given region or country. Capacity institution. Personal staff. Letters and checks. Own goods. Manage modules for the selected department. And much more.


You can create your own billing for each department or set at once the general tariff for the whole region. Add the amount immediately upon entering the client, after 1 hour of stay, 2, 3, and so on. For each hour of the client's stay, you can set the tariffs yourself, as well as the amount that will not be exceeded per visit. Set a fixed amount per visit.


Presented in the form of schedules for visits and purchases: total, weekly, hourly, for visits during the day, with the possibility of sampling the exact period of time. For full details, text information is displayed for the selected range. In the settings of the department you can set the daily, weekly, monthly generated detailed report on the mailbox you specify.


The module displays all transactions of your customers: visits and purchases in the store. Displays in detail the amount of payments, taxes, details of each visit: the names of customers, their amounts, discounts. For purchases: what goods were purchased for this payment and what is their sum separately and total amount. There is a sample search for different data.

Configuration department

Designed specifically for the convenience and speed of the settings of the department in which you are currently located. You can quickly set up a department or edit it, its discounts, tariff, add a new user or set a task for staff, manage modules. It is a menu. Convenient to control from a mobile, for people who are in constant motion.



Creation of personnel, editing their data, blocking. Initially, you have the ability to assign two roles to your users:
Franchise Owner - to assign co-owners.
Administrator - your employee with access to control only the entrance of clients, their purchases.
You can also edit your data here. Upon request, we create new user roles with other rights that you need in your work.

Staff sessions

It is a log of staff sessions, the beginning and end of work. With the possibility, if you have rights, to edit the time of each staff session, which is necessary if it is not timely leaving / entering the staff session. Includes additional output modules of the time spent by the staff on the periods, as well as weekly reports with the output of each employee's hours spent per day. Conveniently if the payment of your staff depends on the number of hours of work.

Staff schedule

Schedule for staff to work, made in the form of a calendar You can assign your employee to any day of the week or month, indicating the beginning and end of work. By simply dragging it to the calendar. When you create an employee in the "Staff" you assign him a color and email. Color helps him quickly find in the calendar. 8 hours before the start of work, he receives a reminder letter about leaving the work at the specified mailbox.


Tasks for staff. In each institution there is a need to remind staff about the implementation of tasks, both domestic and other nature. Tasks can be drawn up both daily and monthly, weekly for a particular day. They are displayed on the screen at a certain time, in the form of notifications with options for execution / non-execution / postpone for a while. There is a log view of their performance. There is a widget for viewing tasks by staff and out of order for a given day.


Visitor Database

Customer database. One for all your departments, the total for the franchise. Compiled automatically every time a new client enters and an administrator specifies his data. Editing, manual data entry into the database is possible. We collect data: Name, Surname, Email, Phone, if possible, for registration is enough Name of the client. The client is assigned an individual number. On repeated visits, the client will be found using this data in the customer search widget. The client may remain incognito (Anonymous) and will not be entered into the database. It also records the number of visits to each client.


Log visits in real time. Takes into account customers who are currently in the institution. With the ability to edit time, amount. Repeated withdrawal of the check for printing and sending the check letter to the mailbox. Add or remove certificates and discounts if they were not assigned correctly during the visit itself. Resumption of the client's session from the moment the session is stopped, with the continuation of billing. Displays all information about the client: the type of payment for the visit, the number of visits with whom he came, is a new client or a permanent one, and so on.


Surveys for visitors. If you need to conduct a survey and find out the opinions of clients on various issues, this module will help you. You create a question at what point in time to show it - when a client enters or exits. For beginners or regular customers. Create response options with the ability to include writing your own customer response. The results are presented in the form of graphs and output of their own answers. When using Self-Service Screens (see later), the visitors themselves pass the polls, while managing the administrator, the administrator himself conducts the survey.



Creation of goods for use in the institution.
Physical goods (taking into account their quantity):
- for sale to customers in the store (example: juice).
- without a store sale, for indoor use only (example: toilet paper).
Virtual goods (conditionally infinite)
- goods that do not have a physical basis, the sale of time of use (example: playing on the console).
You yourself configure the direction of the goods, whether to keep records of its quantity, whether or not to bring to the store for sale, to add or not tax, and so on.

Sold products

Table of customer purchases. When, by whom the purchase was made, in what quantity, the date of purchase, the remnants of the product and so on.
Separate withdrawal of total amounts of purchases, taxes, quantities for a certain period of time. You can select the time period by selecting filters. Similar to the sample for all possible characteristics of the table.
It is possible to delete a purchase from the table with the subsequent return of the amount to the balance accounting of the quantity.

Commodity research

A powerful module, specially developed by us, is necessary for managing, storing, purchasing and accounting for the quantity of goods, internal consumption by the department. It includes the widget of the arrival and consumption of the goods, working both from the scanner and from the manual input of the product barcode.
Inventory - management of all types of goods, both for internal use by the department, and created for sale in the store.
Catalog - management of products created for the store.
Goods leaving - consumption of goods, taken into account from the scanner
Goods entering - the arrival of goods, taken into account from the scanner
Reports - general report on domestic consumption of goods
List to buy - a configured list with the possibility of printing, for a trip to the purchase. The list is structured by suppliers and indicates the name of the product, the barcode, the presence now, the required quantity (specified when creating the product), how much should be purchased.
Suppliers - creating and managing suppliers to display information on both the storefront and the "List to buy" configuration.
Categories - the creation and management of product categories, the ability to sample these categories in the storefront.

Letters & Checks

Templates letters, checks

You can use letters to clients and checks that we created by default for you. If you need your own letter structure, even for each department, for this there is a handy editor specially developed by us. In it, you can create your own:
- letters of receipt, for sending to the client after the visit
- checks for printing on a printer.
- reminder letters to the administrator (see Staff schedule)

Bulk emails

Bulk sending letters to customers. You can create and store any number of bulk emails. You can choose to send these letters directly from the module, as well as to select clients for whom to send from the "Visitor Database" and "Visits" modules. To control the sent letters there is a "Log sending letters." It has its own letter editor.

Self-Service Screens

Self-registration screen

Module output on a separate computer or tablet screen the possibility of self-registration or authorization of the client. Facilitates the work of staff with a large number of guests or completely replaces them. The client himself enters his data for the first registration or finds his data upon authorization. After filling in the data, this client session automatically starts.


Works with self-registration module. It is a display of information on the self-registration screen. You can display some kind of an announcement for customers or advertising. It has its own text editor.

Self-payment screen

Module output on a separate computer screen the ability to self-pay for their session visit and shopping client. Payment is made by card. For work, you need additional equipment: a terminal and an installation program on a computer. To install the functionality of this module, please contact us.


Works with Self-payment module. In the self-payment module, if this module is enabled, customers have the opportunity to leave a tip for the staff. He has his own tip table, which describes who, when, to whom he left some amount for a tip.


Visitor Database




Open franchises


Years of work


Please select the tariff plan that you need for business, pay attention to the number of departments in the tariff plan and the included groups of modules.
We invest your money in the further development of the project, in supporting the system and creating new modules. All new modules will be provided to you, at no additional charge, if they belong to the module group of your tariff plan.
In the future, you can change the tariff plan and make payment from your personal account in the system.
If you need your own franchise tariff plan configuration, contact us. We will configure you with the required number of departments and modules.



3 hours of action

departments 1
includes module groups
Letters & Checks
Self-Service Screens



per month

departments 12
includes module groups
Letters & Checks

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